Tips to Make Invisalign Unchallenging

Invisalign is an innovative dental treatment that allows patients to address several issues pertaining to their smiles without the need for traditional metal braces. Invisalign is the aligning treatment of choice for many patients and their dentists in Maple Ridge because of its highly effective, minimally invasive nature. Invisalign uses a set of clear aligners that are cosmetically appealing and removable, making for easier eating and cleaning.

With all its benefits, Invisalign still requires commitment and diligence from the patient. Here are some tips to make your Invisalign treatment go as smoothly as possible.

Perfect the Switch

When you get Invisalign near you, you will be given a series of clear aligners that must be switched out every 1-2 weeks to slowly ease your teeth into the correct position. Because moving your teeth does require some pressure, you may notice some discomfort. To lower the amount of discomfort you feel, you should:

  • Take an anti-inflammatory about one hour before you switch out your aligners.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm water to soothe any discomfort and reduce inflammation.
  • When you switch your aligners, try to do it at night so that the most uncomfortable first 10-12 hours occur while you are asleep.

Follow the Schedule

The success of your Invisalign treatment depends on how committed you are to sticking to your schedule. To stay on track, you should:

  • Mark your calendar: your dentist will let you know how often you must change your aligners, but it can be very easy to overlook the date you have to make the change, so marking it down on your calendar will ensure that you don’t forget.
  • Wear your aligners for 22 hours a day: one of the biggest draws to Invisalign is that they use removable aligners. This allows you to eat comfortably as well as continue a good oral hygiene routine. However, this can be one of the downsides as well because if you don’t commit to wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours a day, it will take you much longer to get results.

Stick to Good Oral Hygiene

You must continue to maintain good oral health while undergoing Invisalign treatment. To maintain your oral health, you should:

  • Clean your aligners: Invisalign aligners can become filmy if not cleaned properly, as well, they can harbour bacteria that are not good for your mouth. Your dentist near you can provide you with an Invisalign aligner cleaning system that will remove plaque. Otherwise, you can also use warm water and non-abrasive toothpaste to clean your aligners.
  • Do not smoke, eat, or drink while wearing your aligners: make sure to remove your aligners before you enjoy a meal or go for a smoke break. The only beverage that you can drink while wearing your aligners is water.
  • Follow a good oral hygiene routine: dental hygiene is always important, including during Invisalign treatment. Be sure to brush and floss daily and visit your dentist regularly for checkups.

Maintain Your Smile

Once you have completed Invisalign in Maple Ridge, you will want to do everything you can to maintain your new, healthy smile. This means that you will have to transition to wearing a retainer to keep your teeth from shifting back into their original place.

Invisalign is a wonderful way to get a straight and healthy smile. Our team at Maple Place Dental is happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about Invisalign treatment. Please contact our clinic to book a consultation today!

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