Green Programs in Maple Ridge

Did you know that in Maple Ridge we recycle over 55% of our residential waist? The national Canadian average is only 20%, but Maple Ridge and Metro Vancouver hope to raise the level of recycled waist to over 80% by the year 2020.

There are a number of ways you can contribute to a green, beautiful Maple Ridge, including being mindful of what products you buy and avoiding non-recyclable products whenever possible. Take a look at our list of some other ways to get involved in our environment.


Door to Door Recycling

Hands down the most important link on our list, the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society manages door to door recycling, personal composting  and commercial recycling for Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. The society is non-profit and offers a Recycling Depot for anyone not easily accessible on a pick-up route. Beyond maintenance and enforcement, the society offers a wide array of online resources, like tips and instructions on what to recycle and how. If you haven’t already, visit their site and consider becoming an active member.


Workplace Recycling and Composting Program

With the partnership of the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society, this city of Maple Ridge program offers staff at participating offices the chance to recycle more of their garbage and keep it out of the dump. Electronics, beverage containers, batteries and more can be recycled. Food garbage can be composted with special bins made by students at Pitt Meadows Senior Secondary. The bings are made with local cedar and look and smell great. Compost is mixed with soil and used in flower beds at the Memorial Peace Park. Contact the city of Maple Ridge or the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society to get involved!


Climate Smart Business Program

Another great local program for your office is offered by Climate Smart, and it encourages businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and save money in the process. To get your office enrolled, visit the link to learn about how the program works and get registered!



Adopt-a-block is a society that encourages citizens and businesses to take responsibility for litter in Maple Ridge and surrounding areas. Adopting a block of land for a fee provides funds to the organization to control and prevent littering on our streets, not to mention public education to reduce future littering. You can learn more about the Adopt-A-Block Society through emailing them or by calling 604-463-9699. Support a clean Maple Ridge and show your city pride!


Spring & Fall Brush Chipping Program

The district of Maple Ridge and the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society have partnered to offer residents in certain areas a rebate for contributing to recycling and composting materials while improving the look of your neighborhood. For more information on the program, take a look at the link above. There are specific deadlines for residents in select neighbourhoods this April, so make sure you get to trimming before it’s too late!


Low-Flow Toilet Tax Credit Program

If you qualify for it, the district of Maple Ridge and the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society will offer you a $50 utility tax credit for switching to a low-flow toilet. Saving water is a great way to reduce costs at home and help the environment, so everybody wins!


Solar Cone Food Digester

Another municipal partnership with the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society allows residents the opportunity to reduce waste in the home by 20% or more. Solar Cone Food Digesters are garden units that use solar heat and bacteria to reduce food waste by breaking it down to natural components. Kind of like a digestive system for compost. Learn more about this program and order a solar cone from the Ridge Meadows Recycling Depot.

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