7 Ways that We’re Making Maple Ridge SMILE!

At Maple Place Dental Centre, we offer ultramodern dental solutions that have an immediate positive impact on the lifestyle, health and success of Maple Ridge residents and their families.

But did you know that we do much more than just improve your oral health and maintain your health teeth and gums? We have the advanced technology, tools and expertise to permanently fix a wide range of smile imperfections from discoloured teeth to gummy smiles and everything in between.

And that’s not even the best part!

At Maple Place Dental Centre, we’ll not only give you the smile of your dreams, but we’ll do it faster and more comfortably than you imagine. Some procedures can even be completed in one visit!

Here’s an overview of 7 incredible, fast, comfortable and safe ways that our skilled team is making Maple Ridge smile brighter than ever before and YOU could be next!

  1. Veneers: Suffering with chipped, worn, discoloured or misshapen teeth is a thing of the past thanks to Veneers. These ultra-thin pieces of durable, tooth shaped porcelain are customized for shape and colour, and bond seamlessly to your natural teeth. The results are truly astonishing!
  2. Whitening: Our professional dental-grade in-office whitening is much faster than drugstore versions and is 100% enamel safe. We can brighten your smile 6-10 shades, and dramatically improve your self-esteem and attractiveness in about an hour!
  3. Gum Contouring: Gum contouring (a.k.a. gum reshaping) is a quick and comfortable way to finally lose that gummy smile. The results are phenomenal, and the feedback we always get from patients who’ve benefited from this solution is: “This looks so fantastic, Why didn’t I have this done years ago?
  4. Sedation: Maple Place Dental offers both Oral and IV sedation for adults and children in our cutting edge Sedation Dentistry suite!
  5. Bridges and Dental Implants: Our custom-fitted bridges and dental implants close the gaps in your teeth quickly, comfortably, permanently and with results that will truly amaze you. We also match your bridges to the exact color and shading of your natural teeth, so that even Mother Nature won’be able to tell the difference!
  6. Mercury Free (Composite) Fillings: Mercury fillings aren’t only a health hazard – they’re also the source of those nasty “metal mouth” comments. Protect your health and dramatically improve the look of your smile with our 100% mercury-free, tooth-coloured (composite) filings. They’re unbelievably strong and look, function and feel just like your natural teeth, metal-free!
  7. Cleaning and Polishing: Our advanced cleaning equipment thoroughly and comfortably cleans your teeth and gums, ensures that your oral health is in great shape, and gives you a sparkling smile and that wonderful just from the dentist feeling. And we’ll also guide you on safe and effective brushing and flossing tips, so that feeling will last and last!

We have many more smile options, including custom smile makeovers that combine many solutions. Contact us to learn how we’ll take your and your family’s smiles to the next level!